Mar. 5th, 2011

supremegoddessofall: (BDSM)
I beat people for fun.

I make welts, bruises, and sometimes even abrasions.

I hit them with riding crops. I hit them with paddles. I hit them with my hands, with bats, and even (sometimes) with tent stake mallets.

I affix clothespins to their balls and cackle with delight as they scream when I pull them off. It's especially fun to make a zipline with them - want to see?

I hook up TENS units to their balls and turn up the current - higher, higher, just a little higher than they can stand.

I make them crawl, make them worship at my feet, and slap them when they don't do as they're told.

I make them grovel, make them beg, and most importantly, make them cry.

I push them to their limits and make them realize those limits are more than what they believed them to be.

I get excited when they bleed. When the red rises up and coalesces into concrete signs of my handiwork.

And when I am done they say "thank you, Mistress" and yearn for more.

And I enjoy what I do. Oh, do I enjoy it.

I am a dominatrix, a top, a mistress - choose your word, because at some level they're all the same.

Fuck the semantics, the protocol - just call me a giver of pain to those who seek it.

I love the screams, the tears, and the sight of bright red blood running down the curve of a quivering back.

And they enjoy what I do. Oh, do they enjoy it.

They seek me out at parties, at events. They send me messages begging me to hurt them. They follow me like puppies, yearning for a scrap of my attention.

A true sadist, I often make them wait. Make them wait until the need to be subsumed to my will vibrates through them like a California earthquake on the Richter scale.

And then, only then, do my eyes, full of fire, dart to them and say "you."

They crawl to me, melted puddles to my hardened ice.

And we begin.

At a recent event. I'm the short one.

This has been a post for LJ Idol. If you would like to vote, I'll post the poll later in the week.


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