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Name:Kimberly Boyd-Bowman
Birthdate:Jul 6
Location:Denton, Texas, United States of America
Yeah. So this is me. Hmm....brief summary of me, huh? oktoberain once told me that I've led a pretty interesting life. I wouldn't know, as I don't have a frame of reference by which to compare it to. I do know that while my life's not perfect, I do have a lot to be thankful for. I think in general I'm a pretty interesting person though, albeit a bit of a homebody/introvert.

For personal and security reasons, most of the information on this profile is non-specific.

No kids, lots of cats. Partnered and happy that way.

I'm a fairly extreme liberal. I believe in full marital equality for same-sex couples. I am a proud feminist. I am pro gun control. I believe that our prisons are poor means of controlling criminal behavior, and that most prisoners can be helped. Religiously/spiritually, I'm an agnostic pagan. Some days I'd really love to believe, but I still get caught up in that whole ultimate causality problem. In general, I'm not a big fan of organized religions, particularly ones that insist they're the only answer and tell me I'm going to hell. If you tell me I need to get saved, I'm going to tell you to get bent. So don't go there. I believe affirmative action hasn't gone far enough, and that the United States is a society in danger of collapsing in on itself. I'm a firm believer in the sanctity of the first amendment, but I do believe that it needs some modification. I do not support the war for oil or the attempts of the American government to enforce western ideals on the rest of the world. I do not believe a fetus is the same as a child. I think all pro-lifers should be required to adopt three children apiece. If you're a conservative and feeling alienated, perhaps you'll be somewhat relieved to know that, despite my otherwise granola nature, I do firmly support the death penalty, although I believe the current form in which it exists in the United States is inherently flawed, racist, and classist.

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Want to know more? Check out my interests, read my journal, or i.m. me.

I had weight loss surgery (duodenal switch) on 7/1/10. Here's my progress!

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The Goddess doesn't believe that Bill Gates will send you money for forwarding emails or other urban legends.
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The Goddess supports positive lesbian imagery in the media.
The Goddess supports lesbian porn created by lesbians.

The Goddess is addicted to the precious!

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Marriage is love.

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WARNING:In order to ensure compliance with the Child Protection Act, you are hereby given notice that I *do* occasionally (not that often, but often enough) post some material that is adult in nature. If you are under the age of 18, I ask that you be cautious in viewing my journal. If you are unsure of whether my content will offend you, please ask a parent or guardian to pre-view my pages before you read them.

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agnosticism until proven otherwise, aimee mann, alyson hannigan, anal sex porn, ani difranco, anne rice, anthony stewart head, anything that moves, audre lorde, augusta state university, ayn rand, bdsm, being tmi, better than chocolate, bluegrass, bowling for columbine, bpal, breathing her scent, bruce springsteen, buffalo sabres, buffy the vampire slayer, butch/femme and role politics, c.s.i., cats, challenging the status quo, changing the world, chasing amy, chick rock, cirque du soleil, clinical psychology, conscious conscientiousness, cunning cunnilingus, debunking right-wing bullshit, deep space nine, defying corporate greed, defying the odds, demystifying taboo topics, dido, dixie chicks, dogma, dorothy allison, dykes, e.r., educational psychology, ee cummings, erotica, fairy tattoos, feminism, fiona apple, folk music, fucking to the beat, fucking with your head, gay culture, gay marriage, gender studies, gina gershon, gordon lightfoot, greg klyma, harry potter, hippies, historical porno-romance novels, hitachi magic wand, hot lesbian sex, human rights, imagining the blue pill, india, indigo girls, intelligence, j. k. rowling, jacqueline carey, james earl hardy, janis joplin, jizzing in arcs, joan baez, joni mitchell, k's choice, kevin smith, kushiel's dart, laurel k. hamilton, leftover tuna helper, lesbian, listening to people fuck, liz phair, long hair, lord of the rings, lucinda williams, making horrible puns, making you think, marion zimmer bradley, memnoch the devil, michael moore, mists of avalon, mythology, ncssm, north carolina, npr, obsessive perfume collections, october project, on our backs, once more with feeling, orson scott card, pamela sargent, pissed-off leftist wymyn musicians, pissing off christian conservatives, poetry, polite firmness with telemarketers, poly fidelity, polyamory, pondering on chaos theory, psychology, psychology in prisons, purple, queer as folk, queer rights, queer studies, queers, random snarkiness, rebelling against the man, red hair, refusing to go quietly, rent, robert fulghum, sadomasochistic lesbian cats, sarcasm, school psychology, sexuality, spike, star trek, suny buffalo, survivor, sushi, t. s. eliot, talking to the voices, taunting the moronic, the handmaid's tale, the l word, the myth of sisyphus, the princess bride, things that go "buzz", thinking deep thoughts, tori amos, tracy chapman, two nice girls, undying cynicism, unicorns, vampires, waxing nostalgic, winona ryder, women, ♀♀
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