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Nope, still haven't gotten paid.

Round 2 of my BPAL Ebay sales, for those who are interested:

It's pretty much all stuff that I had duplicates of from Sale 1.
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I'm totally not complaining, but...

I finally got around to opening my giganto BPAL order (the Halloweenies et. al)...

And they frimped (frottled?) me *3* bottles:

The Emathides

Go lab!
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BPALers are the only ones who will care about this, so I'm cutting it, but here's my Inquisition plea - [ profile] setfiretolife and I are trying to get all 7 bottles:

The Ravin' Raven is Cravenly Cravin' )


Aug. 18th, 2007 10:35 pm
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Remind me never to list so many bottles on Ebay at the same time ever again. Spending 2 hours and change making up packages = not fun.
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All BPAL this time. Now I just have to start testing the new bottles, plus post the sale stuff on Ebay...

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all BPAL, unless otherwise indicated

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Jul. 8th, 2007 06:05 pm
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I feel blah and bored.

[ profile] auryn29a is on this kick to find metal music that I will actually like. His main winners so far are Within Temptation, Van Canto, and Epica. So mostly I've been watching videos this afternoon.

Also talking with my best friend on yahoo chat. Haven't seen her in more than five years, but I still consider her as such. She's in Israel this summer.

Sorted through my latest BPAL box. Is it sad that I've filled up two artist boxes with bottles?
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I'm so far behind in my testing of scents that I think I may never get caught up...this will take care of all the untested BPAL bottles in my collection, but I've still got imps, tons of non-BPAL, and a whole bunch of re-tests...

Blue Moon, Cancer 2007, Gemini 2007, MonsterBait: biggerCritter, Privilege, Pruno, Rose Moon 2007, Selkie, Tamamo-No-Mae, Thunder Moon 2007 )
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