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1) First and foremost, a reminder that I went to the most awesome high school ever. Dr. Miller has been reading "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to students (and now former students' children) for more than 20 years. It's a tradition and we went several times when we were still in NC - bummed we missed it this year. His voice is sort of James Earl Jones-ish.

2) The 10 stages of narrowly avoiding a speeding ticket.

3) One guy, multiple tracks. Hat tip to [ profile] whirled.

4) Dr. Who and Craig Ferguson goodness. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

5) Shortest real journal article in history. Hat tip to [ profile] wordsofastory.

6) The Dead of Everest. Hat tip to [ profile] amenquohi.

7) Bikini waxes for pre-pubescent children. This is disturbing to me in multiple ways. Hat tip to [ profile] bart_calendar.

8) Assembling the Global Baby. Interesting thinky thoughts on reproductive choices. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

9) I agree with pretty much everything in this article. We need to fix the registry laws. Now. Hat tip to [ profile] phoenixisrisen.

10) The Snake Fight portion of your thesis defense. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

11) This is an incredible video (available on Hulu, called America the Beautiful) about the culture of beauty in the United States. It's very long, so don't click unless you have some time to burn. Hat tip to [ profile] parachles.

12) It's not a good idea to fry gnocchi. Really. Hat tip to [ profile] xiphias.

13) This is kinda sad. Also I'm a geek because I got all of them. Hat tip to [ profile] porcelain72.

14) You don't have to be Jewish to give. Or to laugh. Hat tip to [ profile] fresh_tart.

15) BDSM and Foot Locker. Hat tip to [ profile] felisdemens.

16) Lee and I have strange conversations sometimes.

17) If you hate "Christmas Shoes" like I hate "Christmas Shoes," you should listen to this. Hat tip to [ profile] parachles.

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"Have yourself a rainy little Christmas..."

Nope, it doesn't sound as good.

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"O Come All Ye Faithful," as done by Twisted Sister.

I can't decide whether to be amused or disturbed. [ profile] dindin, humor me, watch it.

What I do know for sure is that someone needs to tell the lead singer than that look just isn't working any more. He looks like a drag queen on meth.
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One of my co-workers just complimented me on how Christmas-y I look.


Granted, I'm wearing a red open-front jacket.

But I'm wearing it over an ankle-length black dress, and I have on all black jewelry and a black hairclip. And not a drop of green in sight.

Honestly, to me my image today is closer to


than to anything Christmasy...

but you know how folk are..the second we get past Thanksgiving all red and/or green=Christmas.

I should have told them this is what I where when I'm preparing to make a virgin sacrifice and that the red represents the blood or some such. I'm sure that would have gone over well...
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[ profile] dindin, don't say i never gave ya nothin'...
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, supremegoddess1 sent to me...
Twelve queers drumming
Eleven cats piping
Ten hippies a-leaping
Nine vampires dancing
Eight unicorns a-milking
Seven bluegrass a-swimming
Six dykes a-laying
Five lu-u-u-ucinda williams
Four random snarkiness
Three ee cummings
Two indigo girls
...and a dido in a chasing amy.
Get your own Twelve Days:




Dec. 22nd, 2005 09:45 pm
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a hilarious post about the twelve days of Christmas...


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