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This is the most powerful "It Gets Better" video I've seen to date, and it comes from my new state (and town next door). Joel Burns is from a small Texas town, son of an actual cowboy, and a current Ft. Worth city councilman. Thanks to [ profile] stoney321 for the find.

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Okay, I've been saving up for a minute...

1) Lady Gaga continues to be awesome. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

2) This woman's writing continues to amaze me.

3) Really close calls. Hat tip to [ profile] amenquohi.

4) A very dark re-envisioning of the Mario Brothers. Hat tip to [ profile] esper3k.

5) Why voice recognition software doesn't work in Scotland. Hat tip to [ profile] amenquohi.

6) An honest lesbian relationship.

7) 32 songs in 8 minutes. Hat tip to [ profile] whirled.

8) In Afghanistan, some girls are least for awhile. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

9) How not to fake psychiatric symptoms.

10) Counterproductive public service announcements.

11) Irony in action. Hat tip to [ profile] zoethe.

12) The Really, Really Giving Tree.

13) Lesbian soldier ordered to be reinstated. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

14) Neo-Nazis convert to Judaism. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

15) Segway company dies...on a Segway. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

16) So what all is on the Google blacklist, anyway? Hat tip to [ profile] rm.
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All of these are safe for work...

A romance in an unusual form:

How it feels to be gay:

Coolest wedding entrance ever:


Apr. 7th, 2009 02:06 pm
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I have been watching the most ridiculous Christian dogma satires on youtube. Truly, they must be seen to be believed. They're all good, but my favorites are:

Why It Is Okay For Sex To Hurt the Vagina:

featuring quote of the day: "I'm not sure how Jesus feels about licking the clitoris."

Why Homosexuality Is Against God's Will:

featuring quote of the day: "Children are better than AIDS."

Why Gays and Lesbians Are Often Immoral:

featuring quote of the day: "Gay people walk around looking for a willing anus", and also "Of course I can't have sex yet, because I'm not married, but I can feel the breasts, and I'm looking forward to that."

Why Abortion Is Evil:

featuring quote of the day: "I think atheists would eat children. And Jesus is not going to like that."

Why Condoms Don't Offer Real Protection Against STDS:

featuring quote of the day: "Do you want a vagina full of AIDS?"

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Great retro spoof video...
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heads up to [ profile] katiegeek23 for the find:

Yup. It's because of us. We're evil. Muahahahahaha.


Oct. 11th, 2006 04:02 am
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courtesy of [ profile] kyooverse:


Oct. 10th, 2006 01:33 am
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courtesy of [ profile] wickedsin:

This made me immensely happy:

I'm the Only Gay Eskimo
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We're currently watching a Turkish film about a man who renovates a Turkish bath and falls in love with a man in the process (yes, it's on LOGO).

It's like Burkhaback Mountain.


Jan. 3rd, 2006 04:18 pm
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i thank [ profile] kyra_ojosverdes for this lovely link


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