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If anyone has a free account and wants a $10 coupon towards a paid account, let me know - I have coupons from the LJ promotion thingy to give away...
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I just did a fairly major friends cut. If I cut you, it's probably for one of the following reasons:

1) You haven't posted in forever.
2) You rarely post anything that's not a meme, a writer's block, or a twitter post.
3) I just don't feel like we're connecting.

Basically, keeping up with my friends list and communities takes like 2 hours a day. And that's just way too much. So I needed to do some pruning. Cut like half my communities, too.

If I cut you and you want to keep reading, that's fine. I just can't handle reading 250 people and 40 communities a day anymore.
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In completely random news, I have met 34 of the people on my friends' list in person. That's pretty nifty.
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stolen from [ profile] squigglz:

Icon battle GO!!
Rules: Post a comment with only an icon (use a bold tag with nothing else in it to post a blank comment.) Have conversations, arguements, or what have you, all with icons only! Feel free to comment in anyone's threads.
Also, post this in your journal for more iconical madness!


*pin drop*

Oct. 20th, 2006 02:03 am
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Man, ya'll are quiet tonight...where is everyone?

heh heh

Sep. 13th, 2006 08:20 pm
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borrowed from [ profile] scarletdemon:

How to Fake Your Death on the Internet


Dec. 29th, 2005 08:32 pm
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a bunch of kick-ass posts off my friends' list that i've meta-ed today:

[ profile] robyn_ma talks about life with her kittens

[ profile] azureheart talks about feeding her cat

[ profile] crevette has a conversation with her uterus
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xmas party at supremegoddess1's house!!

sheenaqotj drank 2 ciders, 4 goldschlagers and 2 sherrys.

sheenaqotj had to be told on multiple occasions that the curtains were not edible

sheenaqotj, when you catch yourself drinking at funerals, you know you are in trouble!

latelyontime drank 2 brandys and 3 pulques.

life_of_bryan and kianpepper thought it would be frightfully funny if they released an otter down latelyontime's
underpants. latelyontime now appreciates the dangers of frenzied land mammals.

rainmanesq drank 11 poteens, 12 hot toddys, 12 mint juleps and 12 irish creams.

rainmanesq and neitherday were on the edge of a punch-up after neitherday called rainmanesq a balding greasy bastard with hungry head lice!

life_of_bryan drank 13 aftershocks, a vodka, 13 white russians, 9 ales and 7 pernods.

kianpepper drank 13 rums, 9 tequilas, 6 lagers and 13 pulques.

sharonmelissa drank 7 absinthes, 2 vermouths, 6 rums, 8 irish creams and 14 champagnes.

sex_n_pancakes drank 12 goldschlagers, 12 irish creams and 7 sherrys.

thejaszalcatraz drank 12 ciders, 8 irish creams, 3 aligator bites and 8 vermouths.

canyonwren drank 10 everclears, 6 aftershocks and 10 lagers.

neitherday drank 5 ciders, 5 ales and 15 vermouths.

supremegoddess1 drank an everclear and a mescal.

Barfers of the world, unite and take over! I think they already have! There was 2 of them last night!

Xmas Party?

Drunken fights, hammer attacks, glorious turkeys, ridiculous amounts of alcohol, sex, drugs and rock n roll

Enter your name below to experience the ultimate in complete useless bollocks!

Drunken Hero

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from [ profile] kimmaline, here


Dec. 19th, 2005 07:26 pm
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I just realized what a post whore I've been today.

So what is my first thought?

To make a post about how many posts I've made, thus further making myself a post whore

Mobius strip much?


Sep. 18th, 2005 07:43 pm
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I finally got around to making a friends' list cut. Mostly I cut people who haven't posted in a very long time, but if I cut you and you still want in, drop me a comment.
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I feel like a better friend, sort of. Have waded through the last 200 entries of my friend's page (a whopping day and a half of the just over a week that I'm behind), and have left some comments. If I didn't comment on one of yours, don't feel unloved, just know that I am lazy. I *am* reading, I swear it (on the soul of my father, Inigo Montoya!).

And now the sleep gremlins are laughing their evil laugh, so I must anon...

I keep dreaming that all my teeth are falling out. That must mean something. Perhaps it's time for the dentist?

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Favorites list has become clogged once again, so I bring you, without further ado, the next round of pimpage:

From my friends' list:
From [ profile] city_of_dis: Introductions On the annoyance of those persons who feel compelled to call you by some name other than that which you wish to be called.
From [ profile] theferret: Impresssions from a Vegas Trip The city that originated the concept of "Don't ask, Don't tell."
From [ profile] robyn_ma: 100 Movies that Deserve More Love, Part Nine
From [ profile] 1confusedgirl:God's Survey I don't think I'll be getting one of those letters any time soon.
From [ profile] theferret: The Down Side to a Big Imagination Poor Gini
From [ profile] diabolica_nc: Three Important Corporate Lessons Feces as a series of parables
From [ profile] robyn_ma: Busy person's guide to the press conference Short, blunt, to the point
From [ profile] robyn_ma: 100 Movies That Deserve More Love, Part Ten
From [ profile] thorne1966: Political Cartoons
From [ profile] wicked_wish: Evil Owl Babies
From [ profile] theferret: Freedom Of Choice Is What You Want, Freedom From Choice Is What You Want Do or do not, but quit bitching about it
From [ profile] insafemode: Find Waldo Now (Playing With Others: Part 1)
From [ profile] robyn_ma: 100 Movies That Deserve More Love, Part Eleven
From [ profile] noxalea: Why Livejournal On livejournal as a mode of communication instead of paper journals, email, etc.
From [ profile] latelyontime: I Have Been Sorted Racial heterogyny
From [ profile] theferret: Two Fucking-Hell Polls for You to Participate In Relative Severity of Curse Words
From [ profile] russdur: Your Lightsaber and You Funny ass video
From [ profile] russdur: Pink 5 Another funny ass video
From [ profile] kiteherb: Notes From Bizarre Lesbian Baby Land Good advice for lesbians seeking to have children
From [ profile] mistersleepless: Future Underground
From [ profile] theferret: Is "Fuck" a Dirty Word? On the need for new curse words
From [ profile] amyjoyce: Butch-Femme Quiz I found this to be fairly accurate - To get to the quiz, look at the top right of the page
From [ profile] ericcoleman: How To Gag On 'The Passion'
Nine Fun-Filled Ways Mel Gibson's Brutal Snuff Film Makes a Mockery of True Belief.

From [ profile] robyn_ma: 100 Movies That Deserve More Love, Part Twelve
From [ profile] theferret: Flip, Flop, Ork, Ah-Ah On the claim that John Kerry "flip flops" on issues

From random people and communities:
From [ profile] shrijani: The Passion of the Peep This colored marshmallow died for your sins.
From [ profile] primrosepath: A Mock The Stupid Post Pizza is easier to eat when it's *on top* of the carpet, mmmmkay?
From [ profile] explodingcat: Top Ten Phallic Moments in the Book of Genesis
From [ profile] katyrr: A Mock the Stupid Post No, birth control patches are *not* the same as nicotine patches
From [ profile] brighn: Language Poll Relative impact/severity of curse words
From [ profile] chelley_bean: The Smurfs: The Lost Episode Cute, if disturbing, video
From [ profile] electrosoundwav: A Mock the Stupid Post Religious idiocy
From [ profile] wyatt1048: A Mock the Stupid Post It's called a safety guard for a reason
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Enough people have pimped me recently that I decided some return pimpage was warranted.

Recent things from my friend's list that you might enjoy:

From [ profile] jendurrfukt: What Bush Would Look Like As A Woman An amusing link. If I had been drinking milk, I would have spit it through my nose. And then I would have looked like the recipient of a facial. And that just would have been bad, mmmmkay?

From [ profile] zoethe: The Happiness Primer (or how to think your life sucks a little less than you usually do) It made me feel a little better, anyway, and some of these are things I try to do anyway.

From [ profile] mightyafrodite: Snappy comebacks to moronic comments from religious and anti-smoking zealots Make sure you read the comments, too!

From [ profile] shadesong: Help shadesong celebrate her LJ 2-year anniversary Post porn links, post random syllables, it doesn't matter, just post! (and say I sent ya)

From [ profile] splendourific: Did you know that? I don't believe he's gay, dammit!

From [ profile] kennfusion: How to literally fuck one's own self A link to an article about a man who made a cast of his own penis and then got fucked wtih it.

From [ profile] city_of_dis: An Open Letter to the Black Community from a Gay Man True, it's not the *same* movement. But it's a *similar* one.

From [ profile] theferret: How people represent themselves on LJ So what's your impression of him?

From [ profile] killhamster: How to have a semi-popular journal Because killhamster is just funny.

If you're not one of the pimped, don't think I'm not reading you. The entries/links I'm pimping are ones that are "universally" interesting out of the last 200 posts on my friends page. So if you've mostly been writing stuff on your own life's goings on, no pimpage today. But maybe next time! I love you all, and I read every single one of you.

From [ profile] too_much_info: I don't even know what to call this. This mesmerized me. Like watching a train wreck.

Edit: I've decided I'm going to make this a regular feature, and do it once a week or so. So expect more pimpage - I gots a lotta ho's.
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So I'm friends with [ profile] nerdgoddess. Some weirdo apparently randomly picked a couple peoples' journals and then added those journals and everyone on those journals' friends list as their own personal friend. Basically, they created a journal with no point other than to make fun of people asking to be removed from this random mega-friend list he/she created. And my friend was one of those couple of journals he initially picked, so I now find myself on this guy's list (and I'm willing to bet it's a guy). Kind of interesting. It annoys me, but he's also right in what he keeps telling people - he's not technically violating the livejournal TOS. A weird situation. Some people get their rocks off on the strangest things...


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