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There are awesome. Some history teachers trying to make history fun. My favorites are The French Revolution, Black Death, Anne Boleyn, Ancient Minoan Civilization, Mary Queen of Scots, Cleopatra, Pompeii, The Vikings, Martin Luther, King Tut, Henry VIII, Joan of Arc, and Prehistoric.
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Yeah, overdo for one of these....

1) Awesome headline. Had tip to [ profile] bart_calendar.

2) Hat tip to [ profile] bewize.

3) My favorite "It Gets Better" video to date. Hat tip to [ profile] amenquohi.

4) "Can you help me get published?" Hat tip to [ profile] just_the_ash.

5) A very bored adult writes child-style letters to various famous people. And gets responses. Hat tip to [ profile] amenquohi.

6) Mom writes an open letter to bigots. A lot of people probably saw this around Halloween.

7) As HIV babies come of age, problems linger.

8) Transgender athlete gets to play NCAA basketball.

9) Hand job? Hat tip to [ profile] apocalypticbob.

10) The most over-used line in cinema. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

11) John Barrowman is validated. Hat tip to [ profile] rowangolightly.

12) T-shirt war! Hat tip to [ profile] horosha.

13) This is how people get stabbed.

14) Poking fun at TSA. Hat tip to [ profile] gmdreia.

15) Literal video for "Love is a Battlefield." Hat tip to [ profile] amenquohi.

16) Poking more fun at TSA.

17) What any sane person's reaction to The Giving Tree *should* be. Hat tip to [ profile] xiphias.

18) Been a minute since I saw this, but I still love it. Hat tip to [ profile] wordsofastory.

19) Happy Hannukah!

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Behind on my link and media dumpage....

1) The Norton project. Two sons get their father the most awesome Christmas present ever. Long but worth it.

2) Sesame Street meets Old Spice.

3) Amazing makeup skills. Watch a hot girl turn herself into Jared Leto. Someone seriously needs to hire this chick.

4) This pretty much sums up a lot of my objections to Christianity.

5) Fuck hate.

6) You've probably seen this one by now, but just in case you haven't, "The Rent Is Too Damned High" candidate for mayor of New York...

7) So you want to get a PhD in the humanities. Sad but oh-so-familiar to all the doc students out there. My favorite is the part about a minute and a half in when she talks about the ways in which students will be "inspired...."

8) Transgender teen robbed of homecoming crown in Michigan.

9) An interesting article about taking responsibility in the BDSM community.

and to go with it...

The very disturbing Bagley indictment.

10) Freaky facial art. Hat tip to [ profile] amenquohi.

11) How the internet works, in all its recursive glory. Hat tip to [ profile] amenquohi.

12) Tim Minchin is my god. If I, y'know, had a god...

13) How fake money saved Brazil. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

14) Amazing find in an abandoned Parisian apartment. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

15) This will likely disturb you. Brain bleach! Hat tip to [ profile] esper3k.

16) Etiquette for interacting with the breast cancer patient in your life. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

17) A heartbreaking photo essay about a man's last days with his father.

18) Who else wants to live in Sweden?

19) Things I don't have to think about today.

20) The UK doesn't play around with safety videos. Hat tip to [ profile] esper3k.

21) Missing a dog... Click to enlarge. Hat tip to [ profile] amenquohi.

22) Love the song or hate it, you have to admit that the video is amazingly acted and perfectly captures the story of the song. "Love the Way You Live" - Eminem, featuring Rihanna. And some impressive guest stars. Hat tip to [ profile] bewize.

23) What happens if you get rid of traffic lights? Nothing too scary, as it turns out.

24) "Sexy" Halloween costumes that aren't.

25) You may hate the original, but you'll like this. A cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." Hat tip to [ profile] horosha.

26) The first season of Lost, as told in Lolcat. Hat tip to [ profile] chris_walsh.

....and I'm done. Whew!
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1) Woman builds incredible dollhouse replica of Bag End.

2) The Price of Sexual Silence. About the need for comprehensive sex education for Texas students, deaf and otherwise.

3) You've gotta love the Onion...

VH1 Reality Show Bus Crashes In California Causing Major Slut Spill

4) Every celiac's worst nightmare.

5) Just because I love Pink.

6) Humorous birth control. (hat tip [ profile] tamago23)

7) I think Roger Ebert is rapidly becoming one of the more relevant pundits. He does good movie reviews, too. (hat tip to [Bad username or site: horosha) @])

9) Quite possibly the stupidest sport ever.

10) A different perspective on Don't Ask Don't Tell.

11) [ profile] joeymichaels continues to generate some of the most awesome short fiction.

12) Hat tip to [ profile] horosha.

13) Librarians parody Gaga. (hat tip to [ profile] chris_walsh)

14) 100 signs you're a horrible parent.

15) Worst porn movies ever made.

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1) Just when you thought teenagers and college kids had run out of new stupid things to do....

2) Morgan Freeman does "One Week." Hat tip to [ profile] xiphias.

3) Liza Minelli does "Single Ladies." Hat tip to [ profile] itswhatiam.

4) Cool Gaga article.
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I...I think I can die happy now.

Why yes, that *is* Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Shirley Bassey, Elton John, and Blondie singing "Don't Stop Believing" together.
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1) Regina Spektor makes all things good.

2) How to Date a Vampire While On Your Period:

3) Kittens in Auto-Tune

4) How to Put On a Sports Bra.

5) A healthcare metaphor.

6) These "paintings" are amazing.

7) Workouts for racist white women.

link dump

May. 12th, 2010 05:16 pm
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1) I really love pretty much everything this man writes.

2) Grammar Nazis. The end is....special...

3) In a uterus far far away...

4) Acapella Gaga. Good stuff.

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1) A compilation of some of the funniest doing-something-stupid moments in infomercials:

2) Literal video: Safety Dance

3) Literal video: I Would Do Anything For Love

4) Yay Savage Chickens!

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1) First we have a classical remake of Lady Gaga's "Telephone." Seriously good stuff.

2) Next we have some Avatar-related silliness.

3) Best mental solution to your inner grammar freak ever.

4) I <3 xkcd.

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1) Artist makes portraits from pushpins.

2) A short a capella version of Lady Gag's "Bad Romance"

3) Can't embed this one, but it's cool as hell. Young jump ropers do some amazing tricks at an Army-Navy half-time show. Awesome stuff.
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1) Parody of "Tik Tok"

2) Chris Rock parodies "Hey Ya"

3) "Telephone" parody

4) Adam Lambert parody

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REM guest stars on Sesame Street:
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Someone made a SRZ version of the "Pants on the Ground" song...


Jan. 17th, 2010 06:20 pm
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This guy is awesome. If you like what Imogen Heap or David Ford does with looping, you'll love this guy. Thanks to [ profile] felisdemens for the find.

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1) Lovely little recap of "The Trouble with Tribbles.

2) Mashup of the top 25 songs of 2009:


Dec. 23rd, 2009 06:13 pm
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A series of dominoes set up to play actual music. This is awesome!

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All SFW unless indicated otherwise...

1) Sexting is a bad idea. Just ask James Lipton.

2) If the Bible were magazines instead of books.

3) Boyce Avenue's version of "Don't Stop Believing"

4) 15 of the most ridiculous Christmas toys ever.

5) Paul Anka does "Wonderwall"

6) A funny email exchange - "It's like Twitter, but we charge people."

7) Cutest kitten, ever.

8) A very different version of "Sweet Child of Mine"


Nov. 11th, 2009 11:57 pm
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don't read if you haven't seen tonight's Glee episode but plan to )
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safe for work...


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