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[ profile] velocityboy has written a very thoughtful essay on the Choice v. Life question. You should read it.
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Felt the need to crosspost this, because it's nice to hear it from a straight male:

[ profile] happydog, here

"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines

I don't know. I have been asking myself that question since way back. About 5 years ago Cox Communications made this big ass deal about how they were going to stop showing the adult channels in the daytime "during school hours." Publicized this all over the place.

The day after they made this big announcement and put it into effect, I got ill at work and came home about 3:00, which is about the time that a lot of school kids get home. I take a bunch of Nyquil and put on the TV and there is this John Woo movie with this elaborate shooting scene where two guys are walking toward each other firing .45's at each other point blank. In slow motion. With splattering gore and pieces falling off, the whole deal, in exquisite detail.

Maybe it was the Nyquil cutting in but I thought, "Really, how in the hell could live sex be worse than that?" It's the same old tiresome message that our society always sends us. KILL OK, FUCK BAD!

At this point I'm just so damn tired of it. It's like hearing kids use the word "bitch." Little boys up to college boys (and yes, I hear you saying "what the hell's the difference?") with that stupid word flying out of their mouth, calling each other bitch, calling women bitches, calling their moms bitches, all over the place.

Is there no one who realizes how stupid this is? How stupid this sounds? How idiotic our society is when we disrespect women? How idiotic we are? Is there anybody besides me (and you my friends of course) who ever gets bone-achingly, world wearyingly tired of the immense and rampant amount of UTTER STUPIDITY that our society foists on people?

OK, I will admit something here. Seeing two guys kiss? Still makes me uncomfortable sometimes. I won't lie. I was born in 1960 in Gulfport, Mississippi, which is a terribly, horribly homophobic area of the country. My dad couldn't even properly explain homosexuality to me. One conversation that I had with him about a gay guy once, he warned me against hanging around the guy. He seemed to think or imply that the gay would somehow transmit itself to me like a cold. Like one day I would be straight, go hang around a gay man, and then wake up the next day with a strange desire for Liza Minelli CDs and properly ironed curtains. Or something.

Now I can write that off to my dad's generation and to his culture. He is in his 70s, it's the Deep South. That doesn't make it RIGHT, mind you, but culturally and generationally he's gonna have a difficult time with it.

But when I got out in the wide world (read: college) and met all kinds of different people, and not just people who had spent their entire lives in Harrison County, Mississippi, I realized (and I am not demanding props for being tolerant here, just saying) I realized that homophobia was not workable, and so I hacked away at mine till I wore it down to a nub. Like I said, I am still not completely comfortable with the man-on-man action but you know, I'M WORKING ON IT, OK??

Because I figure that's what DECENT PEOPLE DO. They try to understand others, because that way we all get along. And that's what I always figured decent thinking people would do.

But Jesus H. Christ, you know, it is now 2006, and are we, still, having this argument with people about whether gay people and lesbians and bisexuals are harmful to the public? Whether people are hurting anybody by loving one another? WHY in the hell are we still having this argument?

Was I stupid? When I was a kid I assumed that the future would be a better place, that people would be smarter and more accepting. No, people are just as fucking dumb as they ever were. Dumber even. And if possible, politicians as a whole are even dumber than the average dumbass in the street. Politicians bring the dumbassedness down to new levels. They reach depths of dumbassiosity that even the dumbest average Joe dumbass on the street cannot plumb, and inspire the average Joe dumbass to head even further down into the Pit of Dumbass, leaping off the edge of the Pit of Dumbass without even a parachute or a bungee cord screaming HEY YAWL LOOKA DIS!!

Boy, was I wrong about the future. And I'll tell ya. I am TIRED. I am utterly tired of fighting battles, of telling people "no, it's not okay to use 'gay' as an insult around me," and saying "You know, why can't we just let people be and not legislate their sex lives or their morality, OK?" and saying, "Well, not everyone is a Christian, you know," and, well, all the things you end up having to say over and over again if you are a person who is interested in fairness.

Overall, it makes me wanna lie down in a dark room with a washcloth over my eyes for, say, about 20 years, and then come out and see if the United States has somehow miraculously UNSTUPIDED itself.

heh heh

Aug. 20th, 2006 02:00 pm
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So there's another goddess on my friends' list - [ profile] supremegoddess. She's actually the reason I'm a "1" instead of just plain old supremegoddess. And funnily enough, we were introduced by someone whose mutually on both of our friends' lists ([ profile] itzwicks).

Well, apparently she was inspired by my little picture post of beauty regime stuff yesterday, and created her own version of the same. It's really funny stuff - go take a look at it and compare the two.


Jun. 6th, 2006 09:53 pm
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another of my friends, the ever brilliant [ profile] happydog explains why he (and i) don't trust christians. Cross-posted from his journal:

Dear Christians:
You creep me out.

I'm sorry, but you do. Even the nice ones. You creep me out.

And I think I finally have a handle on what it is. You creep me out because you are all absolutely right.

I don't mean right-wing politically (although that creeps me out too) nor do I mean that you are correct in what you say about life and the universe, because I don't believe anybody is.

But therein lies the rub. You, dear Christians, creep me out because you believe, absolutely, that you are absolutely correct about everything. Collectively, one and all, no matter what your denomination, you believe that you have The Answer, or if you don't, you can pull it out of that Book of yours.

It creeps me out that you believe that there is only one God, and he gave you a Book, and in that Book you can find the Answers for Everything. It creeps me out you believe that those Answers are applicable to everyone, everywhere, at any time.

And it creeps me out that your ultimate goal, as a religion, is to get everyone to be a Christian - that is, to agree that you and your God and your Book have the Exact Answers to Everything. And it creeps me out that you think that if you can't get everyone to be a Christian, then at the very least if you can impose the Rules of your Book on society at large, the world will be a better place.

If you look at it from my point of view - if you will - can you see how this would creep me out, or any other non-Christian?

See, in my late teens and 20s I was a born-again Christian. So I'm not unsympathetic, mind you. I know that sweet, sweet feeling of being absolutely certain about everything.

But as I got older, I realized that the world was way more complicated than I thought I was, and I began to find more and more situations that weren't easily answered by the Book, or by prayer, or by talking to anybody's pastor, or anything else. And I ran into the blunt fact that God, as he is described in the not a very nice guy, or very likable. He seems prone to rather childish temper tantrums and outbursts, and personally speaking, seems much too willing to kill people for things like masturbation and making fun of people's baldness.

And really, if God wanted to forgive our sins - if he was that interested in making nice with us - he could just, you know, do it. He made the rules, not us; he doesn't have to abide by them. The whole thing of having Jesus die in a gory, horrible manner for our sins just does not make sense to me unless God is into pain (which Mel Gibson seems to believe).

So, anyhow, I couldn't cut it any more as a Christian. And that's OK. And it's OK that you guys are Christians. I'm not trying to talk you out of being Christians, I'm just telling you why I am not one. It just happened that I could not find a place in Christianity for me. When you develop a dislike for a religion's deity, it becomes increasingly impossible for you to follow that particular religion.

It's OK that you follow that religion. However, my big question is, are you willing to leave me alone? Are you willing to let me have my right not to follow your religion?

Now, here's something. You may say you are, but you're not really willing to let me have that freedom. You're not willing to let any unbeliever have that freedom.

Because, see, to you, if we don't follow Christianity, we're going to Hell.

And you say that you love all us unbelievers and don't want to see us go to Hell. So, you're placed in an uncomfortable position. You don't want us to go to Hell, but at the same time we don't believe in Hell, or Christianity, or the divinity of Jesus. Nor do we believe your Book has all the Answers.

So you are driven to try to somehow save us, even though you may say that you're not trying to save us. It's always there, in the back of your mind, as a motive. Because the Great Commission tells you that you have to try to save people.

So, essentially, the way I see it, unbelievers like me can't actually trust Christians, because they say one thing - "Oh, sure, you can have freedom of/from religion," but in actuality, you believe that we should believe the way you do, so we'll go to Heaven and not to Hell. So, behind the scenes, you're going to be doing everything you possibly can to convert us. Can you see that this essentially makes you look a bit scary and untrustworthy to me, and to other people who aren't Christians?

I'm sorry to put it that way, but I have to be truthful. Your motives toward us are not pure. You're not willing to let me be, because your religion tells you that it's wrong to let me be, and wrong to let any unbeliever be an unbeliever.

And it's scary to realize that some of you Christians are trying to squeeze us into being like you by having your Book's opinions (and that is all they are) incorporated into the country's legal system. I guess some of you figure that if you can't make us convert and be Christians, we can at least live like Christians, and maybe we'll just give in under the pressure and convert, since we'll be forced to live like Christians anyway.

Can you see, a little bit, how scary that is for those of us who don't believe the way you do? Does this help you understand a little bit why, no matter how nice I want to be, there is something within me that has a distrust of Christianity and Christians? You have Other Motives.

And you have these Other Motives because you believe, absolutely, in the long run, that You Are Right, and I Am Wrong, and I Must Be Made To See What Is Right.

Don't you find that just a little bit scary? Think about it a little while.

P.S. - You also need to rein in your loonies. If you let people like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Fred Phelps and the other insane nutcase evangelists and TV preachers represent you in public, the unbelievers like me are going to become even more convinced that, collectively, you're crazy. You need to start expelling these people from your churches and denying them aggressively in public. You need to start denouncing them and rebuking them openly.

Because if you don't, unbelievers - like me - start thinking, "Hey, wait...maybe they do agree with that guy who says God Hates Gays." And you don't want people thinking that.

Do you?

Thanks -

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cross-posted from the ever-brilliant [ profile] oktoberain (who wrote it), because I agree with her completely:

The story of Two Men and their Cars

Once upon a time there were two men, who each had a car of identical model, make, and year. One man chose to love his car unconditionally. The car was never to blame. If the car refused to start, he blamed the weather. If the car got terrible gas mileage, he blamed the city he lived in for having too much traffic, or the interstate for having too many hills. If the seat belts were dysfunctional he never knew it, because he blindly trusted his car to never harm him in an accident. If the car got a flat tire, he assumed someone had slashed it, because he considered his tires to be perfect. He never got tuneups or oil changes or repairs, because his car was perfect exactly as it was, and changing things would be disloyal. He refused to believe that any other car out there could possibly have a feature or option better than the ones his car possessed.

The other man also loved his car, but not unconditionally. He knew that if the car refused to start, it was mostly likely a problem with the car. He knew that poor gas mileage was a problem with the engine--perhaps it needed to be cleaned, or the oxygen sensor had gone bad. He always wore his seat belt, because he knew that even though the car got terrific safety ratings, an accident could happen to anyone. Flat tires were likely due to the tires being worn down and getting cracks in the sidewall. He had his car tuned-up once a year, got an oil change every 3000 miles, and when something needed to be repaired, he got it repaired. He saw that some other cars had better features and options, so he decided to work hard to have them installed in his car too.

At the end of the day, who do you think *really* loved their car more? And which car would you rather be riding in on the road of life?

Self-proclaimed conservative "patriots" will pontificate on the virtues of America. America can do no wrong, America is never at fault, America should be forgiven anything, and to think or say otherwise is disloyal and unpatriotic. These people love America the way the first man loved his car--unconditionally, unquestioningly. Unfortunately, like the first man in the story, these people are harming our country more than helping. Loyalty is a wonderful thing, when tempered with good sense. These people love America in a way that would allow it to fall to pieces before they'd admit a fault or a need for repair.

I choose to love America like the second man loved his car. When I see a problem, I try to fix it. When I see a fault, I don't ignore it--I speak aloud and act upon it. I recognize the need for change and progress. I love my fellow citizens who make up our nation, but I don't blindly trust my government to always do the right thing. Governments are formed of people, and people are prone to error, accident, and sometimes even malevolence. I wear the Bill of Rights as my seat belt, as the Founding Fathers intended me to do. I see that many other nations have certain rights and laws that are better than what we have here. Therefore I vote for candidates who want to bring those rights and laws *here*.

Do I love my country? Absolutely. Do I love my country so much that I'd smother it beneath the weight of "tradition" and a phobia of change? No...because that's not love. It's obsession and fear.


Dec. 29th, 2005 08:32 pm
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a bunch of kick-ass posts off my friends' list that i've meta-ed today:

[ profile] robyn_ma talks about life with her kittens

[ profile] azureheart talks about feeding her cat

[ profile] crevette has a conversation with her uterus
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from [ profile] kimmaline, here


Dec. 19th, 2005 10:17 am
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in this post, [ profile] itzwicks asked whether selling DVDs the same day as the theatrical release would make us more or less likely to actually go to the theatre. My thoughts:

There are certain movies that almost *need* to be seen on the big screen to be properly a genre, horror movies almost require the dark scary theatre with the OMFGWHEREDIDTHATBLOODYKNIFECOMEFROM experience in order to get the full experience...but also anything high on action in general. I like Titanic (yes, I admit it!), but it's just not the same on DVD. Neither are any of the LOTR or Harry Potter movies...

That being said, most of what's out there is just as enjoyable on DVD, and that's why I don't see too many movies in the theatre. Why pay $16 for two tickets to see it *now* as a one shot deal, when I can wait 4 or 5 months and pay the same thing and get to rewatch it as often I like and get fun special features to watch too?

We just went to see Walk the Line, but I think if I had the option of buying the DVD right then or seeing it in the theatre, I definitely would have just bought the DVD. The movie was good, but I don't think I would have missed out on anything by not seeing it in the theatre.
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[ profile] oktoberain has done further exploration of the pharmacy dispensation issue. Read about it in her excellent post, here
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[ profile] wicked_wish has written an excellent letter about Target's decision to allow their pharmacists to refuse to dispense emergency contraception on moral grounds. Make sure you also click the link to read the response by [ profile] jinzi in the "edit 4" section at the bottom of the post.
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take [ profile] wicked_wish, a hungry cat, and a lost bird....What more could you ask for?
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Favorites list has become clogged once again, so I bring you, without further ado, the next round of pimpage:

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Yet again, my list of posts to pimp has grown overly long. So while I'm waiting for the dryer to finish my sheets so I can go to bed, here are the latest in things you might want to check out:

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I know I'm being a post whore, but it's time for "Get to Know the Friends of Your Friends," also known as Kimberly's pimpage (primarily because my bookmarks for pimpage are becoming overwhelming).

So here are the posts from this week that I have found interesting/inspiring/funny/whatever for you to (possibly) explore:

From my Friends list
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From [ profile] furryfairy: Things You Can't Do in the Military Some of these will be "whafuck" if you have no intimate knowledge of the military, but they're still funny as hell
From [ profile] insafemode: Your Body Sulfur Potential A powerful piece of poetry about a gay man speaking to his dead lover's homophobic mother
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Enough people have pimped me recently that I decided some return pimpage was warranted.

Recent things from my friend's list that you might enjoy:

From [ profile] jendurrfukt: What Bush Would Look Like As A Woman An amusing link. If I had been drinking milk, I would have spit it through my nose. And then I would have looked like the recipient of a facial. And that just would have been bad, mmmmkay?

From [ profile] zoethe: The Happiness Primer (or how to think your life sucks a little less than you usually do) It made me feel a little better, anyway, and some of these are things I try to do anyway.

From [ profile] mightyafrodite: Snappy comebacks to moronic comments from religious and anti-smoking zealots Make sure you read the comments, too!

From [ profile] shadesong: Help shadesong celebrate her LJ 2-year anniversary Post porn links, post random syllables, it doesn't matter, just post! (and say I sent ya)

From [ profile] splendourific: Did you know that? I don't believe he's gay, dammit!

From [ profile] kennfusion: How to literally fuck one's own self A link to an article about a man who made a cast of his own penis and then got fucked wtih it.

From [ profile] city_of_dis: An Open Letter to the Black Community from a Gay Man True, it's not the *same* movement. But it's a *similar* one.

From [ profile] theferret: How people represent themselves on LJ So what's your impression of him?

From [ profile] killhamster: How to have a semi-popular journal Because killhamster is just funny.

If you're not one of the pimped, don't think I'm not reading you. The entries/links I'm pimping are ones that are "universally" interesting out of the last 200 posts on my friends page. So if you've mostly been writing stuff on your own life's goings on, no pimpage today. But maybe next time! I love you all, and I read every single one of you.

From [ profile] too_much_info: I don't even know what to call this. This mesmerized me. Like watching a train wreck.

Edit: I've decided I'm going to make this a regular feature, and do it once a week or so. So expect more pimpage - I gots a lotta ho's.


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