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I walk a path you cannot follow.
Winding, circuitous.
(Dangerous, some might say.)
A tightrope hovering over jagged rocks.

But the lash empowers Me
(not cowers Me).
The bite, the sting -
these are all meant to be.

A trail you barely see -
you do not know and cannot understand.
Or perhaps will not understand.
A choice you make, as I make Mine.

I follow where you lead
but I shall not kneel.
I make others kneel before Me.
They kiss My feet and beg for more.

Which I give,
again and again,
secure in My sense of self,
reveling in the moans and sighs.

You cannot tread on My path,
and I cannot limit Myself to yours.
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I am gross and crampy (because you *totally* wanted to know that), so you get a media/link dump instead of a real post....

1) Gay best friends are named prom king and queen, and pretty much no one makes a fuss. Sometimes people inspire me.

2) The most elaborate and ridiculous hankie code I've ever seen. Do people actually do this? Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

3) Interesting article about prostitution in Pakistan. Hat tip to [ profile] rm.

4) [ profile] zia_narratora's Open Letter to the Men of the World. Don't be this guy.

5) My friend [ profile] apocalypticbob's Faceboob video has gone viral! Go Bob, go!

6) I could waste a lot of time on this site.

7) This one is not safe for work.

8) Apparently Splice glorifies rape. Hat tip to [ profile] tamago23.

9) Lessons Disney's princesses teach you. Hat tip to [ profile] bart_calendar.

10) Seriously? In what universe is this guy not some form of perverse pedophile. Cornell doctor removes pieces of young patients' clitorises and then uses vibrators to test their sensitivity as they get older. Yes, you read that right.

And a follow-up article.

11) From [ profile] amenquohi, Inspirational graduation speech from a young man with autism.

12) Comedian Carla Zilbersmith died from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) last month. Here's an amazing video she recorded prior to her death that was played at her funeral. Simultaneously funny and sad. Hat tip to [ profile] amenquohi.

Zilbersmith's blog is still up, too:

Also, there is an upcoming documentary about her life

13) There's an interesting discussion on queer identity going on at [ profile] rm's journal.

14) Hat tip to [ profile] strryeyedgirl.


16) For all the Lost fans. Hat tip to [ profile] strryeyedgirl.

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From [ profile] felisdemens, Ivan Coyote's ode to femmes. I dare you not to tear up.

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1) The most awesome summary of "Amok Time," ever, by someone who doesn't really know ST: OTS.

2) Amazingly, I have never seen this:

3) My Klein scale. Unsurprising.

4) Interesting article on end of life care:

5) Someone had way too much time on their hands, but this is still awesome. History, as told by the movies.


The secret diary of Tim Gunn. So very very true.
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All of these are safe for work...

A romance in an unusual form:

How it feels to be gay:

Coolest wedding entrance ever:

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Hottest Butches



Nov. 25th, 2008 09:52 pm
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Not surprising. About what my Klein used to be when I did my thesis on it, although what variables are what have changed somewhat.

I'm a byke, and sticking to it.


Apr. 9th, 2008 03:00 pm
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These guys have some really neat acoustic versions of some current songs. I love the Sweetest Girls one.

Why do Christians fear gay marriage when the church used to sanctify it?

go kid!

Mar. 17th, 2008 03:37 pm
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An excellent open letter to Sally Kerns:
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totally snagged from [ profile] bigbadbutch88:

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Several former Exodus leaders apologize for their actions. Taken from [ profile] postqueer.

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But I'm about 2 days behind on my friends' page and am just now coming across some good stuff to share further. So courtesy of [ profile] kyooverse, we have Lizzie the Lezzie:

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How to be a successful prison punk

I can't decide how I feel about this article - obviously some guys do use heteroflexibility as a way to get through a prison experience, and I don't feel that the author here is being negative towards individuals who choose to do that, but something is

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[ profile] kyooverse found this one:


Jul. 10th, 2007 10:16 am
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borrowed from [ profile] latelyontime. No cuts because this is beautiful and poignant and, yes, made me cry a little...

How To Watch Your Brother Die
For Carl Morse

When the call comes, be calm.
Say to your wife, "My brother is dying. I have to fly
to California."
try not to be shocked that he already looks like
a cadaver.
Say to the young man sitting by your brother's side,
"I'm his brother."
Try not to be shocked when the young man says,
"I'm his lover. Thanks for coming."

Listen to the doctor with a steel face on.
Sign the necessary forms.
Tell the doctor you will take care of everything.
Wonder why doctors are so remote.

Watch the lover's eyes as they stare into
your brother's eyes as they stare into
Wonder what they see there.
Remember the time he was jealous and
opened your eyebrow with a sharp stick.
Forgive him out loud
even if he can't
understand you.
Realize the scar will be
all that's left of him.

Over coffee in the hospital cafeteria
say to the lover, "You're an extremely good-looking
young man."
Hear him say,
"I never thought I was good enough looking to
deserve your brother."

Watch the tears well up in his eyes. Say,
"I'm sorry. I don't know what it means to be
the lover of another man."
Hear him say,
"Its just like a wife, only the commitment is
deeper because the odds against you are so much
Say nothing, but
take his hand like a brother's.

Drive to Mexico for unproven drugs that might
help him live longer.
Explain what they are to the border guard.
Fill with rage when he informs you,
"You can't bring those across."
Begin to grow loud.
Feel the lover's hand on your arm
restraining you. See in the guard's eye
how much a man can hate another man.
Say to the lover, "How can you stand it?"
Hear him say, "You get used to it."
Think of one of your children getting used to
another man's hatred.

Call your wife on the telephone. Tell her,
"He hasn't much time.
I'll be home soon." Before you hang up say,
"How could anyone's commitment be deeper than
a husband and a wife?" Hear her say,
"Please. I don't want to know all the details."

When he slips into an irrevocable coma,
hold his lover in your arms while he sobs,
no longer strong. Wonder how much longer
you will be able to be strong.
Feel how it feels to hold a man in your arms
whose arms are used to holding men.
Offer God anything to bring your brother back.
Know you have nothing God could possible want.
Curse God, but do not
abandon Him.

Stare at the face of the funeral director
when he tells you he will not
embalm the body for fear of
contamination. Let him see in your eyes
how much a man can hate another man.

Stand beside a casket covered in flowers,
white flowers. Say,
"thank you for coming," to each of seven hundred men
who file past in tears, some of them
holding hands. Know that your brother's life
was not what you imagined. Overhear two
mourners say, "I wonder who'll be next?" and
"I don't care anymore,
as long as it isn't you."

Arrange to take an early flight home.
His lover will drive you to the airport.
When your flight is announced say,
awkwardly, "If I can do anything, please
let me know." Do not flinch when he says,
"Forgive yourself for not wanting to know him
after he told you. He did."
Stop and let it soak in. Say,
"He forgave me, or he knew himself?"
"Both," the lover will say, not knowing what else
to do. Hold him like a brother while he
kisses you on the cheek. Think that
you haven't been kissed by a man since
your father died. Think,
"This is no moment to be strong."

Fly first class and drink Scotch. Stroke
your split eyebrow with a finger and
think of your brother alive. Smile
at the memory and think
how your children will feel in your arms
warm and friendly and without challenge.

Michael Lassell


Apr. 17th, 2007 09:58 pm
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Queer of some form?

Help a graduate student from my former university with a research study:

Only takes about 10 minutes, completely anonymous.
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Just kinda curious as to who identifies as what here. I'm pretty sure most of my friends' list is some variant of queer, but there are so many of you now it's hard to keep track!

[Poll #899439]
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How I Learned to Love the Bomb
…or, Why I Stopped Being Angry and Started Living Life

Ninjas are much cooler than pirates.

Pirates are all there and in your face…you can look at them a mile away and say “Hey, that’s a pirate! Better stay away!” I mean, he could be the nicest pirate in the world, but you’d never know because you’re not going to let him get close enough.

On the other hand, ninjas sneak up on you. You don’t know about the ninja until he pops up and is all “Hey, I’m a ninja!” Could be a good ninja, could be a bad ninja…who knows…But most of the time he’s been there all along, lurking.



Sometimes I come home on trash days and our trash can has already been pulled up from the curb. It’s our next door neighbor, trying to be nice. He’s about 60 and very clearly retired military – still has the haircut and everything. Lee says he was in the Air Force – she talks to him more than I do because she’s home more.

I wonder sometimes what he thinks about us. I mean, I doubt the realtor said to him before he bought the house “Hey, there are a couple of mixed race lesbians living next to you. Don’t worry, though, I don’t think they’ll bring down your property value.” Still, I sincerely doubt he’s had much contact with “people like us” – we don’t tend to exist on military bases.

His name is Max. He says “hi” whenever he sees us. His grandchildren like our dog.

I’m sure some part of him says “there goes those lesbians again…” But mostly I think he thinks “Oh, it’s Kim and Lee.” The ‘lesbian’ part kind of gets subsumed.

We’re pretty much like the rest of the neighbors. We don’t have loud parties, and there are no lesbian orgies on our front lawn. We go to work, come home, walk our dog, and generally don’t bother anyone. So, other than being a slight oddity, I don’t think most of our neighbors are disturbed by us.



In college, I went through my big “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” phase. My car had more bumper stickers than paint on it, and I ran out of space on my bookbag for all my queer pride pins. I was the president of the LGBA, ran the huge annual conference, and ended up on local TV more than a few times. I spent a lot of time being angry, and wrote a whole lot of poetry about how angry I was.



I don’t get angry like that any more. Being angry is tiring, draining. And what good does it do, really? What am I going to change by being angry that Jesse Helms is a bigot? What major policy am I going to affect by getting ired at the various DOMAs that are being passed at the state and national level?

Think globally, act locally. I *do* get angry about those things. The difference between by near-30-year-old self and my 20-year-old self is that I think you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

I may not be able to change the world, but maybe I can change a few people’s minds, simply by being here.

The master’s tools may never tear down the master’s house, but if you take away the tools, eventually the house falls down from disrepair. Maybe there are some KKK-style bigots in my neighborhood. Hell, I have no doubt that there are some at work. But as long as they’re not actively trying to bring down me and mine? Fuck ‘em. All I can do is live my life, the best way I know how and hope that maybe, just maybe, they’ll come to see me (and my wife) as more or less just like them, except we happen-to-be-gay.

This is a major identity shift. This is not “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.” This is “we’re here, we’re here, sure you can borrow my lawnmower, we’re here, we’re here, your grandchildren are adorable!, we’re here, we’re here, yeah I hate Bush too, we’re we’re here…oh you didn’t know we were queer? Well, we’re still here.”

Kill ‘em with normalcy. Don’t allow them to create artificial differences and divides so that they can solidly place us as “other.” Instead, be just…like…them… Only gay.



Now, some people are going to read this and call me an apologist, or accuse me of identifying with the oppressor. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. But I’m tired of being angry, and you can’t get blood from a stone.



One of the hardest things to learn in my line of work is the concept of psychological triage. This is the notion that you only have just so many resources, and some people are beyond your help, or else have so little chance of making meaningful change that they’re just not worth your time and effort. Ours is a helping profession, and having to acknowledge that you can’t “fix” everyone is a difficult task, and particularly dissonant to a new therapist.

People who have been in my job for more than a few years often get accused of being “jaded.” We’re not jaded, we’re realists. We’ve been burned a few times by people we’ve tried to help and have finally accepted that psychological triage is not only valuable, but necessary. You have to pick and choose your battles, and focus your energy on those battles you think you might actually be able to win.

The diehard bigots? Are still going to be bigots, regardless of what you do. But the on-the-fencers? Show them that you’re not a sex-crazed freak (well, no more so than anyone else), and they may even learn to see you as a human being. The only people that “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” convinces is other queers. Sad, but true.

This doesn’t mean that you go around hiding that you’re queer. This means that you make it a non-issue. Don’t go out of your way to publicize that you’re queer. Just take it for granted. And the more *you* take it for granted, the more others will, too. Playing the pronoun game isn’t a cop out, and it isn’t a way to hide. It’s a tool for transformation from “other” into “normal.” Don’t allow others to connotate your relationships by making assumptions based on gender.

Despite your lack of overt queerness, eventually, your co-workers, neighbors, etc. will have the “ah ha” moment and realize that “them there’s a bunch of queers!” At which point they’re going to have to really stop and think. If they knew you and liked you when you were “just one of them,” is the fact that you’re queer going to automatically turn it into a hate fest? You, by having employed the “here, here, here…oh yeah, and queer” tactic are going to force them to challenge a lot more of your assumptions than if you had been using the “I’m here, I’m queer, get used to it” mentality.



I hear the screaming of the masses saying “But we shouldn’t *have* to hide.” You know what? You’re right. And you’re also shit out of luck. As Lee would say, “Two tears in a bucket, fuck it.” We have to work with what is, not with what should be. And what is is that homosexuality makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

Laws aren’t going to change people’s attitudes. You can pass all the gay rights laws you want, and the country is still going to be full of bigots. Why? Because while you can legislate behavior, you can’t legislate beliefs. We’ve seen how well trying to legislate beliefs worked with civil rights laws. We have tons of laws, and yet discrimination and racism are still both institutional and individual phenomenon, which don’t show any signs of going away any time soon.



I didn’t want to write this essay, because I hate confrontation. And I think some of this is going to make people angry. Ok, great, be angry. But my question to you is, what are you doing with your anger? What purpose does your anger serve? Because if you aren’t doing anything with it, you’re wasting your energy.

For me? I'm just going to live my life, the best way I know how. And that means I'm done being angry.

I'm a ninja, not a pirate.

And I'm okay with that.
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For Lesbians... Where Do You Fall on the Butch-Femme Continuum?

You are a plain femme. On a scale of 1-10, one being femme and ten being butch, you'd be somewhere between 2-4... your call.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

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Help fix this.

MSNBC poll on whether or not gays should be included in textbooks. Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!


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