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The run-off LJ Idol vote has been posted - fast turn around time - tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7 p.m. EST. Bottom five go home. So if you wanna keep me alive, vote here:

[Poll #1737349]
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So apparently we weren't competing *with* each other, we were competing *against* each other. Because Gary is an evil bastard. Whichever of us gets the lowest votes will be in a run-off with the lowest vote-getters from the other 12 tribes and some number of that group will go home. So I must compete against the truly awesome and amazing [ profile] alephz and [ profile] joeymichaels, both of whom are some of the best writers in the competition. Definitely read their entries as well - naturally I hope you vote for me. :) Voting closes Saturday April 30th at noon.

[Poll #1735220]
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Poll is up for LJ Idol. As I said in my post, I am linked with [ profile] i_17bingo, so our votes count together. If you liked one or both pieces you can vote below. The bottom two teams will be eliminated. Voting closes Saturday at 10 a.m. EST.

[Poll #1731842]
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Voting is up for LJ Idol. Voting closes Saturday at 2 p.m. EST. I'm linked with [ profile] applespicy this week, so it's the total of hers and mine together that matters. The lowest two pairs (4 people altogether) will be eliminated. If you want to vote for one or both of us, here's the poll:

[Poll #1729815]
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Polls are up for this week's LJ Idol if you want to vote. We're all in one tribe this time. Lowest five go home. Polls close Saturday at 3 p.m. EST.

[Poll #1721301]
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If you enjoyed my kink-related entry from earlier in the week and would like to vote for it, the poll is up. Bottom three are going home, so vote vote vote if you want to see me write more stuff (let's face it, if it weren't for this competition I would barely blog at all - stupid grad school!). Voting closes Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.

[Poll #1714506]
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Voting time again, and now I'm back in the main competition. If you liked my poem from earlier in the week, please vote for me. Bottom two in my poll get eliminated. Voting closes Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST.

[Poll #1710695]
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Voting time again. If you liked my poem from earlier in the week, please vote for me. Top six advance to the main competition, bottom six get eliminated. Voting closes maybe Saturday? Dunno, he didn't say.

[Poll #1679092]
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If you liked my entry for LJ Idol this week, the polls are up. Top five enter the main competition, bottom five go home. Voting closes Saturday at 1 p.m.

[Poll #1675880]
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It's voting time for LJ Idol (2nd chance division). If you liked my poem on BDSM power dynamics, please think about giving me a vote. Top four will join the main competition and bottom four will be eliminated. Voting closes on Saturday at 3 p.m. EST

[Poll #1672572]
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It's voting time in 2nd chance idol. If you felt my post about a difficult choice was worth reading, I'd appreciate your vote. Voting closes Saturday at 3 p.m. EST. Similar as last week - top 3 enter the main competition, bottom 3 get eliminated.

[Poll #1669523]
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So for some masochistic reason, when Gary offered a "second chance idol" for people to get back into LJ Idol, I decided that I didn't have *enough* to do with my time, so I'm writing for it. The way this works (this week anyway) is that the top 2 scorers get back into the competition and the bottom 2 are eliminated. So if you want to vote for me (if you liked my piece), please do so here.

[Poll #1667070]
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Votin' time. Poll closes Thursday at 9 p.m. EST:

My faves for the week:
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LJ Idol poll is up. As usual, the recommended posts are not the only ones I voted for, just my favorites of the week. Poll is here:

Voting closes Friday at 4 p.m. EST

My recommendations:

[ profile] beautyofgrey might have read a bit too much Margaret Atwood.

[ profile] java_fiend is on a mission from God.

[ profile] notbatman thinks that there are some forces that shouldn't be meddled with.

[ profile] rattsu knows that the lessons of the past are soon forgotten.

[ profile] talonkarrde88 shows the dangers of xenophobia in the future.
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Voting time again. Below are my picks for most awesome LJ Idol posts of the week. Usual caveat that these aren't all I voted for, just my favorites of the week. Voting link:

Voting closes Thursday at 8 p.m. EST.

My picks:

[ profile] alexpgp teaches a tourist some subterfuge.

[ profile] beautyofgrey creates an interesting dystopia.

[ profile] rattsu writes a chilling historical narrative.

[ profile] theafaye has some interesting dietary habits.

[ profile] zia_narratora illustrates life's hardest questions.
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This week the LJ Idol competitors had to write two posts. The first topic was "Face to Face" and the second was an open topic. As usual, I'm recommending some posts for you to read/vote on. Usual caveat that these are not all that I voted for, just my ultimate favorites in each group. Voting link is here:

Voting closes Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST.

In the "Face to Face" topic, I recommend:

[ profile] fourzoas has a complicated relationship with her father.

[ profile] rattsu makes sense of a recent phenomenon.

[ profile] zia_narratora is more or less breaking the fourth wall.

In the "Open" topic, I recommend:

[ profile] alephz talks about a man with infinite power.

[ profile] gratefuladdict remembers her father.

[ profile] mstrobel hopes she'll thank her later.
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My reading/voting recommendations for this week's LJ Idol competition (usual caveat that I actually voted for far more than these, these are just my pick for creme de la creme for this week):

[ profile] gratefuladdict tells a story that isn't what you think it is.

[ profile] hug_machine hates Clippie.

[ profile] kittenboo is short but direct.

[ profile] zia_narratora chooses not to fight back.

If you want to vote on these or any other entries, the voting link is here:

Voting closes Saturday at noon EST.
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I got eliminated last week (the curse of poetry!), but I still will be posting reading/voting recommendations. As usual, these are not the only entries I voted for, just my absolute favorites. Voting closes on Saturday at 1 p.m. EST. Voting link:

[ profile] alephz tells a bleak tale of industry.

[ profile] beautyofgrey tells us about her first kiss.

[ profile] crimsonplum loves her big sister.

[ profile] notbatman humored his wife's desire to see him bald.

[ profile] talonkarrde88 wishes you a safe flight.
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I used a bye this week for LJ Idol (coughing and puking are bad juju for creativity), but I figured I would still pimp for some of the entries I really liked this week. Everyone's in one big poll this week. Voting link is here:

Poll closes Monday at 9 p.m. EST

My picks:

[ profile] beautyofgrey reflects on motherhood.

[ profile] itswhatiam hates malls at Christmas.

[ profile] joeymichaels deals with bullies, who are later dealt with by karma.

[ profile] kenakeri does selkie fiction well.

[ profile] markmade predicts the future.

[ profile] oberonia continues her fictional saga.

[ profile] rejeneration tells a dark tale of love.

[ profile] rivermirage can't keep up with someone who won't wait.

[ profile] theafaye learned all she needed to know from horror movies.

[ profile] viagra does meta commentary like nobody's business.
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The poll is up for this week's LJ Idol competition. I used a "bye" this week, which means I did not make an entry. Nonetheless, I have reading/voting recommendations for you. The topic this week was "Reprobate." Poll is here:

Voting closes Wednesday at 8 p.m.

My recommendations (usual caveat that these are creme de la creme IMHO, and are not inclusive of everything I voted for) -

In Tribe Fleeceblankie Apathy, I recommend:

[ profile] cacophonesque isn't sorry she had an abortion.

In Tribe Lynxypoo's Bye, I recommend:

[ profile] itswhatiam is what he is, and it's not wrong.

[ profile] karmasoup eulogizes a dedicated traveling salesman.

[ profile] kittenboo wants to believe, but can't.

[ profile] onda_bianca killed Rosa Parks.

[ profile] rattsu envisions a world in which Mother Theresa would have been a criminal.

[ profile] roina_arwen gives us The Three Pigs, modern-style.

In Tribe Oldscratchx's Sexual, I recommend:

[ profile] poppetawoppet continues her zombie tale.

In Tribe Photodiva02's Beauty, I recommend:

[ profile] emo_snal deromanticizes the last stand.

[ profile] joeymichaels describes a Rube Goldberg-style criminal mishap.

[ profile] kenakeri takes poetic revenge.

[ profile] talonkarrde88 doesn't ask questions anymore.

In Tribe Pixie117's Current (which has immunity this week), I recommend:

[ profile] _mysticalelf goes somewhere really dark.

[ profile] beeker121 tells of a society of outcasts.

[ profile] viagra wants you to choose your own adventure.


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