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This is NSFW. Really. Hint, it's called "Pubic Fashion Show"

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The Sex Offender Shuffle:

The Sex Offender Shuffle -- powered by
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Remember that last video I posted?

This is far, far worse.

Not safe for work, not safe for life, just plain old NOT SAFE.
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Okay, this breaks the internet.

Really, really breaks the internet.

So very, very not safe for work, and quite possibly the single most disturbing thing I've ever seen:

Click on the play link and choose your player.
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Dearest TiVo -

What have I done to you?

I mean, I know I tell you to record a lot of stuff. But it's *good* stuff. And it's not like I don't listen to you - I actually watch some of your suggestions, and some of them have been pretty good! (Thanks for Saint Ralph by the way - definite winner.)

But I need to ask you a question, seriously, because this is really starting to chafe me:

Do I *look* like a closet Pauly Shore fan?

I mean, really? What is it, the long haired guys on Survivor? The CSI episodes?

Because, really, I don't understand your need to keep recording Jury Duty. At least five times in the last week, and more than ten times in this month.

Really, I don't like Pauly Shore.

Really, I promise.

Now please stop it. How about some nice boy on boy action or something? Maybe a few old Queer as Folk episodes? I'll even take some old school Star Trek reruns.

But no more Pauly Shore. Please? Pretty please?

Yes, that includes BioDome.


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Okay, I thought I'd seen pretty much everything, but then [ profile] happydog had to go and introduce me to Pakistani cinema...Work safe, but may require brain bleach...

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This site proves that fisting is, indeed, a Godly act. With supporting scripture!

For added fun, check out some of the links at the bottom - how to have a Christian threesome, Anal Sex and the Lord, etc.


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