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Wicked Cosmetics - Blackberry Vanilla Musk - no description - More blackberry than vanilla and very musky. Emerging nicely as it warms. Fairly soft though. Not strong enough for me. 3/5, and I'll pass it onward.

The Body Shop - Crisp Cotton - A delicate, clean scents; refreshing like breathing in fresh air on a cold day. A crisp, fresh fragrance with a vibrant energy. Top Notes: green apple, crisp cucumber and grapefruit. Middle Notes: magnolia, white muguet and rose. Base Notes: blonde woods and white amber. It's amazing how much you notice the alcohol in traditional perfumes once you've been using oil-based for awhile. I get a lot of grapefruit here, with the florals underneath. Too heady. 2/5.

Woobiebath - Exotic Dance - A dark musk blend with spicy florals. Lively and bold! More floral than spicy, but florals that are pretty good on me. Moderately musky. Nothing special, however. Score 3/5, and I'll pass it onward.

Possets - Fabienne - The eponymous blend, a self portrait in perfume. A sweet but sophisticated blend which opens with an almond fanfare and drying down to a comfortable combination of smooth spicy, skin musk, and secret ingredients. A golden almost amber-like blend, it lingers in a most agreeable way. Exquisitely feminine. Characteristics: creamy, spicy, fruity, scent locket, feminine. Overwhelming almond. Smells like cereal. Not for me. 1/5.

Kamala - Alma - This scent was inspired by Kamala's also-much-too-short stay in Rome. A unique blend of historic city and charming country, this scent includes rosemary, hay, and orris. Very herbal. I get mostly hay and orris I think. Somewhat sharp. 3/5, and I'll pass it onward.


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