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Left index finger: Apricot SN

Catalog says: N/a

On me: Very juicy and fruity, but also a smidge dry, if that makes any sense. It's got a sharp quality to it that I wasn't expecting. Can definitely tell the difference between this and peach - this is brighter and fruitier. There's a bit of Playdoh here, too.

Score: 3

Right index finger: Bergamot SN

Catalog says: N/a

On me: Very, very dry, almost like vermouth. Slightly aquatic, and gives me a green feel. Touch of floral.

Score: 3

Top of left wrist: Beth's Experimental Blend (don't know the number)

Catalog says: N/a

On me: Dragon's blood with a slight soapy quality. Definitely spicy. I like it a lot.

Score: 5

Bottom of left wrist: Damnation

Catalog says: The incense of a black mass, the perfume of perdition. White sandalwood, cedar, frankincense and swarthy vetiver.

On me: Mostly sandalwood, with cedar dancing in and out. This is quite lovely.

Score: 5

Top of right wrist: Leo

Catalog says: lime / heliotrope / juniper
orange / sandalwood

On me: Citrus with a primary of Lemon Pledge, but it's not as sharp as a lot of the citrus blends are on me. I get light sandalwood underneath, but juniper is nowhere to be found.

Score: 3

Bottom of right wrist: Pineapple SN

Catalog says: N/a

On me: Bright, sugary, almost candy-like. Very tropical. I feel like I need a pina colada! Very yummy.

Score: 4

Top of left arm: Pomegranate SN

Catalog says: N/a

On me: I actually like this better than I thought I would - PP3 is the only one of the Patch I don't like, and since I love pumpkin I figured I must hate pomegranate. But I guess it's something about the combination, and not the note itself. This is sweet and somewhat lonely. Fruity, but not overwhelmingly so. It strikes me as a young girl's scent rather than being a womanly perfume.

Score: 4

Bottom of left arm: Red Ginger SN

Catalog says: N/a

On me: Strongly ginger. Almost too strong. A little bit of sweetness here, but not much. Smells freshly cut.

Score: 3

Top of right arm: Swallow's Blood

Catalog says: This formula is used to attract good fortune, peace of mind, safety and speed to travelers.

On me: Floral baby powder. It's a pretty floral, but a bit heady. Definitely has some jasmine, but it's not as bad as most jasmine blends are on me. Pretty good.

Score: 4

Bottom of right arm: Woobie: Hazelnut Cream

Catalog says: Warm and tantelizing! Sweet creams and hazlenut.

On me: Foody yumminess. Smells like exactly what it says it is - cream and hazelnut. Boozy, cake-like feel. Yum!

Score: 5
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