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Left index finger: Aloha Holiday

Catalog says: Warm and tropical holiday dreams... Sweet blend of plumeria, coconut and bananas.

On me: Almost non-existent. Mostly getting the plumeria. Too faint.

Score: 2

Right index finger: Apple Barrel Cider

Catalog says: Spicy apple cider with hints of the barrel it was kept in. A sweet and spicy scent.

On me: Cinnamon apple goodness! Yummy!

Score: 4

Top of left wrist: Bah Humbugger

Catalog says: The poop of the Christmas party. They would sooner part their lips to lick a frozen pole than to whisper a single Christmas tune, but they add spice to the Holiday seasons. A delightfully grouchy blend of exotic, soft, sweet sandalwood and aromatic teak

On me: Very faint, and more teak than sandalwood. It's pretty but maybe too delicate for me. I'll give it another shot later.

Score: 3

Bottom of left wrist: Blitzed

Catalog says: What are the holidays without a few overly indulged relatives? This is the time of year when the best kept secrets and past mistakes are brought out into the open to argue and fude over. This blend has a touch of this, a touch of that and every bit of it is alcohol based.

On me: Minty, but something else, too. Bit of anise? Definitely boozy. Given that I'm getting anise I actually like it better than I thought I would.

Score: 3

Top of right wrist: Buttered Vanilla

Catalog says: Buttery warm vanilla beans.

On me: Equally butter and vanilla. It kind of reminds me of the buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies. It's nice.

Score: 4

Bottom of right wrist: Candied Apples

Catalog says: Fresh, ripe apples drizzled in a sugar glaze

On me: Ooh, yum! Sweet delicious apples, fresh off the tree.

Score: 5

Top of left arm: Dramatized

Catalog says: Come on, every family has at least one. The Drama queen (or king) of the family. The poor souls who are so mistreated, and grace you with their presence and long boring stories centered around them. How the world is so cruel to poor little them... You have been dramatized. The dramatic scent of warm earthy nutty aromas, with rich buttery vanilla.

On me: Popcorn and nuts. A little overwhelmingly like butter.

Score: 2

Bottom of left arm: Egg Nog

Catalog says: So good, you will want to drink it, but please don't. Delicate and delightful blends of cream, and sugars with a pinch of nutmeg on top.

On me: Mostly cream and nutmeg, but definitely sweet. Not as good as BPAL's Egg Nog, but not bad.

Score: 3

Top of right arm: Nes Gadol Haya Sham

Catalog says: Translated "A Great Miracle Happened There". The miracle of Hanukkah. The scent of milk, honey, incense smoke and olive leaf.

On me: Interesting. The honey isn't as strong as the BPAL honey note is. Mostly I'm getting a slightly smoky milk, with a touch of something herbal (the olive leaf?) underneath.

Score: 3

Bottom of right arm: Snow Ice Cream

Catalog says: This was/is a favorite winter treat! Vanilla with a sprinkle of cinnamon and caramel for flavor!

On me: Yummy. A soft cinnamon in vanilla.

Score: 5


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