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Left index finger: Auntie Em

Catalog says: The stern, yet loving aunt of Dorothy. This is the scent of beautiful florals, and light, sweet melons.

On me: This went on as watermelon bubblegum. Now I'm getting mostly the florals. Pretty.

Score: 4

Right index finger: Dorothy

Catalog says: The little dog toting, pig tail wearing, Ruby slipper footed, overly dramatic girl from Kansas. Determined to get back home after a bumpy ride in a tornado. You have to admire this character. Her scent is a soul soothing top note blend of Ozone, ginger root, and Anise, with middle notes of coconut milk and rice flower, and finished with bottom notes of Amber, Musk and Sandalwood. Complex, yet Delicate and pretty.

On me: The overall effect is "dirt." The anise isn't being as nasty as it could be, and I get a lot of ozone. This is a very crisp scent. Actually pretty good.

Score: 3

Top of left wrist: Poison Poppy

Catalog says: A woody, tempered blend of spices and deep florals. Inhale deeply, and drift away to dream land with notes of wood, spice, floral and a subtle hint of bayberry.

On me: Ooh, this is pretty. Very woody with a dash of spice. I do get the florals underneath, but this is more woody than anything else.

Score: 4

Bottom of left wrist: Ruby Slippers

Catalog says: Click your heels together 3 times... This is a warm blend of woody notes and amber, with a hint of glittery spice.

On me: Almost pure amber, and very soft and delicate. I like very much.

Score: 5

Top of right wrist: Scarecrow

Catalog says: He may not have much as far as brains go, but he does know how to smell good. This is the scent of woods, sweet grass and warm sun. Like a farm meadow on a summer day.

On me: Jasmine hell. Blech.

Score: 2

Bottom of right wrist: The Wizard

Catalog says: Who dares disturb the great and powerful wizard? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The scent of sweet brown sugars and figs.

On me: Sweet, but not overpoweringly so. Not really getting figs. Very soft scent.

Score: 4

Top of left arm: Commercialized

Catalog says: Have you forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and the Holidays in general? This would be the reason why. Forget kindness and sharing. Obey the mall gods, and buy 2 of everything! Dazzeling fresh fruity figs, and sweet but slightly spiced base notes.

On me: Now this is all figs! A little fake in quality, and there's definitely a spice component here. Something in here is not agreeing with me.

Score: 2

Bottom of left arm: Elf Farts

Catalog says: The scent of short, flatulent toy builders. Apples, candied yams, marshmallows, sweet cream butter, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and of course, fresh cloves

On me: Oh gods is this good! All spicy goodness, heavy on the cloves, yams, and nutmeg. Yum yum yum yum.

Score: 5

Top of right arm: Grumpy Mall Santa

Catalog says: 12 hour shifts, listening to those little brats ramble on about "me, me, me" is enough to drive a Santa insane. (another Insanity Claus!) Blinded by the constant flash of the camera, and deaf from the crying kids, How do they cope?? This is a blend of Cinnamon Schnapps and the candy canes,that are stuck in Santa's Beard.

On me: Exactly what it says it is - cinnamon and mint, with a bit of boozy quality. Yummy!

Score: 5

Bottom of right arm: Winter Fruits

Catalog says: Spiced pears, spiced plums, and ripe pomegranates. Delicate and sweet.

On me: Delightful fruity blend, heavy on the pears.

Score: 5


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