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Left index finger: Anaconda

Catalog says: N/a

On me: Ooh, that's good! Definitely has Snake Oil as a base. Other than that, I get lots of foodie smells - caramel, definitely. Also some tobacco, I think. This is a dry scent. Love it!

Score: 5

Right index finger: Ugh

Catalog says: Muscle ache relief

On me: Lemony, but not Lemon Pledge o' Doom. Very acidic and not me at all. Blech.

Score: 2

Top of left wrist: Angel

Catalog says: An angelic blend of white florals, with sweet sandalwood, and uplifting hints of Ozone

On me: Exactly what it says it is - I get all the notes. More white floral than anything else, but there's a sharpness from the ozone and I get the sandalwood, too. It's ok.

Score: 3

Bottom of left wrist: Basics

Catalog says: Plum wine, fresh Apricot, Rose, Tuberose, Patchouli, and vanilla

On me: Very light but quite pretty. I get mostly apricot and rose, but there's a darkness from the patchouli and a softness from the vanilla that balance it out quite nicely. It's simultaneously fruity and floral without being too much of either.

Score: 4

Top of right wrist: Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Catalog says: Deep, rich, full bodied CHOCOLATE scent. You will want to take a bite. This is the TRUEST chocolate fudge scent next to the real thing.

On me: Exactly what it says it is. Delicious chocolate fudge brownie! Almost exactly like BPAL's Lump of Coal.

Score: 5

Bottom of right wrist: Eros

Catalog says: A warm scent of incense. Honey, Sugared vanilla, Maples, and Amber.

On me: Ooh, yummy! Foody and yet not. I get all of the notes here, with maple being predominant.

Score: 4

Top of left arm: Figs

Catalog says: Clean, fresh and purely figs

On me: Green figs. Very tree-like. Not sure about it as a perfume.

Score: 3

Bottom of left arm: Pina Colada

Catalog says: Ever so sweet pineapples, coconuts and a touch of rum. Quite an 'intoxicating' scent!

On me: I can barely smell this, and what I do get smells a bit like Playdoh. More rum than anything, I suppose.

Score: 2

Top of right arm: Spicy

Catalog says: This is your not-so-average Clove based scent. Warm and inviting cloves with nutmeg and rounded out with just a drop of cinnamon.

On me: Clove-y goodness! Yum!

Score: 5

Bottom of right arm: Sugar Fairy

Catalog says: Fresh figs and sugar plums.

On me: More Playdoh. Woobie's fig note and I don't seem to get along. Shame.

Score: 2

Left hand: Sunny Side Up

Catalog says: Ah, the lovely scent of tanning oils! Sweet coconuts blended with a sugary buttered vanilla, and finished off with the slightest base note of water.

On me: Suntan oil, go figure. More coconut than vanilla. It's ok.

Score: 3


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