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Left index finger: #17

Catalog says: For fanning the flames. Ylang Ylang, Sandalwoods, and sage.

On me: Mostly ylang ylang, with just a touch of sandalwood. Fairly soapy.

Score: 3

Right index finger: Best Friend

Catalog says: For the ones who drive the 'get away' car. Who have our back with a great alibi, and would be dangerous as an enemy simply because they know too much. Who have cried along with the heartaches, and listened patiently. Who have been beside us as an unwavering Ali. This blend if for the Best Friends out there. May your friendships know no boundaries. A magical base of warm vanillas, topped with Boysenberries, Elderberries, and guava, with a strawberry and Pomegranate kicker.

On me: Beautiful fruits, definitely berry-like. Somewhat little girlish, not sure it's me. Strawberry is the main note.

Score: 3

Top of left wrist: Bouquet

Catalog says: A colorful delight! A large mix of pansies, violets, roses, magnolias, gardenias, tuberose, and Iris.

On me: More violet than anything else, with a touch of gardenia and rose.

Score: 3

Bottom of left wrist: Cupid's Kiss

Catalog says: Affections from the little winged messenger of love himself. Plump, ripe apricots, touched with sugars and warmed with vanilla.

On me: Fresh warm apricot in the sun, just barely drizzled with vanilla. Slight hint of sugar, but not overwhelming.

Score: 4

Top of right wrist: Heated Passions

Catalog says: Not like any of the other "passions" we sell in the regular scents. This stands all alone in the 'passion' category. Soul quenching! Fresh country air, with distant notes of grapefruit, bamboo, and gentle musks start this blend off. Immediately following are fresh notes of spring melons, lotus blossoms, and finally roses and lilies.

On me: Really odd combination. It's almost citrus - is that the lotus? Fairly heady and more traditionally "perfume." Moderate musk. Sort of reminds me of an air freshener. Not really for me.

Score: 2

Bottom of right wrist: Hugs & Kisses

Catalog says: What is Valentines Day without hugs and kisses? A romantic mix of rose petals, pomegranate, guava, Lilies and starfruit, with a herbal backing of aloe Vera, white and green tea, chamomile, and finished off with fresh green notes.

On me: Lots of tea and a touch of green. Not sure if I like it, and I'm not really getting the florals at all.

Score: 3

Top of left arm: Infatuation

Catalog says: A silly crush, or deep abiding love? Only time will tell. The only thing known for sure is the feelings seem real in the here and now. Gentle freesia and orange blossoms, balanced with amber and warm musk. Rounded out with a hint of Jasmine.

On me: Ooh, now this is pretty! Mostly amber and only slightly musky. Very feminine.

Score: 5

Bottom of left arm: Love Letters

Catalog says: Tucked away in the attic, and wrapped gently in grandma's favorite lace hankies. Tender words preserved. Aged Jasmine, vanilla bean, and delicate musks.

On me: Almost all jasmine, but not as horrid as jasmine usually is on me - I think the vanilla is taking the sharpness off. Only lightly musky. I actually like this one a lot better than I thought I would.

Score: 4

Top of right arm: Mojo

Catalog says: An enticing spell of passion and attraction. A magical blend of amazing red clover and sweetgrass, touched with bamboo and teakwoods and sat on a base of blackberries, mulberries and peaches.

On me: Very strange. Has a sort of spiced wine quality about it. Lots of teak, too.

Score: 4

Bottom of right arm: Sugar Pie

Catalog says: A sweet term of endearment meets the perfect blend of warm sugars and sweet vanillas.

On me: Sweet sugary vanilla. Yum!

Score: 4


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