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Left index finger: Anathema

Catalog says: Detesting and loathing for someone or something. Wear it with a smile! Strawberries, cake, and vanilla puddings. You were expecting something icky?

On me: Strawberries and more strawberries. Sort of like a scratch-and-sniff strawberry. Yummy.

Score: 4

Right index finger: Bete Noire

Catalog says: The enemy. An Ex for example. Someone whom invoked disgust at the mention of their name. This is one of my favorite update blends, actually. Light florals, delicate musks, and a touch of milk.

On me: Interesting. Fairly subtle and rather musky. Not really getting much of the florals - more milk and musk. Kind of has a Playdoh quality, although that's not unpleasant. But I'm not sure if it's for me.

Score: 3

Top of left wrist: Black Heart

Catalog says: Cold and calculated. Purest black raspberries and vanilla.

On me: Strong, deep raspberries. The scent itself is fairly subtle, though.

Score: 3

Bottom of left wrist: Cooties

Catalog says: A lesser form of Scorned Love, but quite worthy of it's place here. Innocent in a fashion of creams, watermelons, and bubble gum. Everyone needs Cooties!!

On me: Ew, not for me - chemical watermelon bubble gum.

Score: 2

Top of right wrist: Dumped

Catalog says: Honestly, I knew a guy who would dump his girlfriend around the holidays, so he wouldn't have to buy her a gift. This one goes out to all the lonely hearts. Ice Cream, Cheesecake, Fuzzy Navels... all the "dumped" feastings.

On me: Boozy peaches - this is all about the Fuzzy Navel...Touch of something vanilla-ish underneath.

Score: 3

Bottom of right wrist: Ex-Repellent

Catalog says: Oh, the headache of an Ex that just will not go away. Causing problems, or just being a general thorn in the side. This fragrance is not guaranteed to rid you of those nuisances, but it might... A wonderful blend of waterlily and lotus blossoms. Does this have you thinking deep water?

On me: This is absolutely gorgeous! I get both the waterlily and the lotus in a wonderful combination. Very clean and feminine.

Score: 5

Top of left arm: Hell Hath No Fury

Catalog says: The Banshee of the blends. A screaming fury of lotus blossoms, jasmine and rose, with a strong base of warm amber, musk and vanilla bean.

On me: Lots of florals, that's for sure. Mostly violet I think. Kind of grandmother-ish.

Score: 3

Bottom of left arm: Odium

Catalog says: Just like with love, there are several degrees of hatred. Odium is one of the highest levels of hatred achievable. But it smells good and is a great stress relieving scent. Ylang ylang, and rose. A hint of Jasmine and carnation and base notes of violet and exotic wood.

On me: This smells more like sandalwood than florals. It's very soft and pretty, though.

Score: 4

Top of right arm: Tincture of Madness

Catalog says: The essence of crazed insanity. An exotic blend of citrus and bergamot a drop of freshly ground ginger blended wildly notes of sandalwood, cedar, Indian patchouli, and sweet basil.

On me: Pretty sandalwood and patchouli, but alas, too much citrus for me. Boo.

Score: 2

Bottom of right arm: Venom

Catalog says: Hiss and spit. The toxic results of a nasty bite... verbally. Sage leaf, fresh mango, sweet papaya, and plump strawberries, with a base of white tea.

On me: Just what it says - fruit in tea. Very juicy.

Score: 3
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